Data Saturdays
Data Saturday #50 - Data Saturday Rheinland 2024

Pre-conference workshop

One day of Fabric for PBI practitioners

with Gabi Münster Gabi Münster Lars Andersen Lars Andersen

For experienced PBI practitioners it might seem that Fabric didn't change much for Power BI itself. But it brought a lot of new workloads. What did actually change for Power BI? Which of the new workloads are especially interesting for PBI practitioners? Which use cases might be solved differently now? Let's take one demo and hands-on heavy workshop day to dive into these questions. If you want to participate in the hands-on workshop please bring your notebook. Ideally you have a Fabric Trial capacity or access to a Fabric capacity where you can create a workspace and PBI and non-PBI Fabric items. We will provide power, WiFi and access to a demo environment for the day if you don't have your own environment.


Von 0 auf 100 mit dbt - Lerne die nächste Stufe der Daten-Transformationen

with Sascha Dittmann Sascha Dittmann

Du bist schon ein Profi im Umgang mit SQL und möchten nun den nächsten Level erreichen? Wenn es Dir wie den Tausenden von Datenexperten geht, die einen schnellen Einstieg in das Data Build Tool (kurz dbt) haben wollen, dann ist dieser Workshop genau das Richtige für Dich. Dieser rasante Hands-On Workshop konzentriert sich darauf, Dir die Grundlagen von dbt näher zu bringen. Dabei beleuchten wir u.a. Themen wie die schnelle Entwicklung von Transformations-Code, das Schreiben von Tests zur Qualitätssicherung und die zeitgesteuerte Ausführung des Transformations Projektes.


Gain Real(time) insights in a day with Kusto And Power BI

with Devang Shah Devang Shah Brian Bønk Brian Bønk

Microsoft has released the next big visualization tool in the portfolio - Real-Time Dashboards. But how and where does it fit with the current Power BI tool and how do you use it at its best. This training day/precon is for you who would like to be on top of the newest technology within visualization when working with Real-Time Analytics. Perhaps you need near-real-time reports (more often than PowerBI can deliver) or are curious about the new visualization platform from Microsoft. In this full day training I will guide you from the very beginning of Real-Time Analytics to end with a fully functioning Real-Time dashboard, with comparison and work with Power BI, to find the different use cases and know when to use what tool. The day will kick off with an introduction to the Real-Time analytics environment in both Fabric and as a standalone service in Azure, history of the service and an open discussion on where the service fits in the current world of analytics.





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