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Fabric Friday is new for us and will replace the pre-conference seminars. Besides being clearly focused on just one technology (which is still a very wide range of topics) we are also using a slightly different format. It will be a paid event for the attendees, just like our training days were, they help with our overall budget which included the free Saturday. But the content we are looking for are long format, either deep dives or from 0 to hero, sessions. They should be 3 hours in length and should be given in 2 blocks of 90 minutes with a half hour break in between. The venue is the same as the Data Saturday, and therefore will be a cinema setup and not a classroom. Keep in mind that this changes things for the attendees, they will have an amazing AV experience but no possibility to follow along with the topic on their laptops because there is no table to set them up. We appreciate that 2x90 minutes might be a bit long for you as a speaker to be standing at a lecture desk and we are open to provide you with alternatives. (actual desk to sit behind or a barstool, etc.) We will also provide throw mics so you can have proper interaction with the audience. Every speaker will receive one hotel night on our expense before every day you are speaking. If you speak on Fabric Friday we will share a part of our profits with you. This concept is an experiment for us however, right now we don't know yet what that profit sharing will look like exactly. We promise though that we will commit to a minimum amount that we will offer you when your session is accepted, before we ask you to confirm.



If you want to sponsor this event get in touch with the organizers